Bespoke & Remodelling

Most of the people who commission me, do so because they want something that’s different and unique.  I work in silver, gold, palladium and platinum and I can also re-model your old, unworn, broken or sentimental pieces of jewellery into something new.  I work with recycled and fairmined metals and the gemstones and diamonds I source will be traceable, fairly traded and ethical.

If you would like to discuss a commission, please get in touch for a chat or to make a no obligation appointment.

Remodelling FAQ’s

Thinking about remodelling your old jewellery, here’s what you need to know….

I’ve lots of old/broken/inherited/unworn jewellery, can it all be reused?
Yes, so long as it’s all hallmarked.  Jewellery with lots of joins i.e. chains, may need to be sent away for refining in order to reuse the metal.

What’s refining?
Refining is a chemical process where pure gold is separated from any other metal it’s been alloyed with. Precious metals are alloyed to give them different properties such as colour, carat and strength.  24ct is pure gold, all other metals are alloys.  For instance, 18ct gold is hallmarked 750, this means it is 75% pure gold, it’s then alloyed with other metals to make it harder ), e.g. copper or palladium (24 carat is so soft that if it was a ring, it would squash). Copper gives rose gold its colour, whilst palladium produces a white gold.  You wouldn’t mix white and yellow gold together if you were melting them down, you’d refine the metals back to pure gold and then alloy them again to whatever colour and carat you require.

Can I re-use any metal?
Hallmarked silver, gold and platinum can all be reused.  Different carats of gold can be mixed together.  White gold is a little trickier to re-use because of the composition of the alloy, but it can be done.  If different colours of gold are to be reused, they’ll either need to be refined first or used as separate elements in a two colour piece.

What about the gemstones?
Your gemstones can be removed from the existing pieces of jewellery and set into the new piece or put aside for you to use at a later date.  Other new gemstones can also be added if you so wish.

Will I need to add any extra gold/silver etc?
You might, it will depend on the new design and how much you had to start with, I can advise.

What jewellery can my old pieces be made into?
Your metal can be made into anything you like, rings, earrings, pendant etc.

What exactly has to be done to reuse my old jewellery?
The process can differ, depending on what type of metal we are reusing.  I firstly need to dismantle your jewellery, cutting out any solder seams that would contaminate the metal when it’s melted down.  If your metal needs to be refined, then this goes to a specialist refiner, where it is treated with acids that turn your metal into a pure gold sludge!  This is then filtered off and the pure gold melted down into a button ready to be re-alloyed into whatever colour or carat of gold you’d like.  In the studio, I will melt your metal down in a ceramic crucible using a gas torch. Once molten, the metal is poured into an ingot mould.  It’s allowed to cool, is cleaned of any oxidation and then I’ll begin to roll it into sheet or wire, using a rolling mill.  Once the metal is the right shape or thickness, I’ll then fabricate, cut, form and manipulate the metal into whatever piece of jewellery has been decided upon. Alternatively your metal might be cast into a new piece of jewellery using the lost wax casting method or into one of my existing designs.  It will then be polished and set with any stones.  Engraving is also available.

What will it cost?
There are so many variables involved in remodelling your jewellery, that I’m not able to give a price until I know exactly what metal you have and what you’d like it made into. Once I know this, I can accurately cost for the time involved and any extra metal/stones that you might need. Each remodelling job will be completely different and so will the costs involved.  As you might expect, the simpler the piece the less expensive it will be (if you already have enough metal). If you have a budget you want to stick within, please tell me and I will let you know what is possible. There’s no obligation to go ahead, so please do give me a call and make an appointment if you’d like to explore this further..

How does it all work?
Make an appointment to come and see me, bring along your old jewellery, I’ll have a look at it all and tell you how much you have and in what carat (9, 18ct etc). We’ll have a chat about what you might like, preferences, inspiration for a design and I’ll come up with some ideas.  Once we have a design, I’ll price it up for you and you can decide if you’d like to go ahead.  Payment is made in full at the time of order.  Bespoke commissions and remodelled pieces are non returnable and non refundable as they are made to your precise requirements.

What are the time scales involved in having this done?
Once a design is agreed upon, 6-8 weeks should see your piece completed.  If it needs to be done sooner, let me know.  It can sometimes take longer if I’m busy (wedding season and the run up to Christmas), but again, this can be discussed.

Will it save me money?
It might, but not necessarily.  The processes involved in reusing your old jewellery are time consuming so unless you have a lot of platinum, 18 or 22ct gold, the time involved will generally outweigh the value of the metal.  I generally advise that you re-use your metal where it is of sentimental value, but it is also very environmentally friendly to reuse and recycle.