One of a kind sterling silver and keum bo ring

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One of a kind, reticulated sterling silver and keum bo ring.  Reticulation is the process of creating a layer of pure silver on the outer of the silver by repeatedly heating and dipping it in acid.  Then, because the layer of pure silver has a lower melting point, it is possible to melt the top layer of pure silver without melting the rest of the metal.

As the surface becomes molten, it swirls around creating the texture you can see in the photos. When you remove the heat of the torch, the surface cools and stays in it’s molten form.

Small pieces of 23.5ct gold have been fused to the surface using the Korean technique of keum bo.

The band is D shaped and approx 4mm wide, the top of the ring measures 22mm x 20mm at its widest points.  Size O3/4.

This ethical and eco friendly collection is also vegan and vegetarian friendly – no animal products are used in the making of my jewellery.

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Sterling silver and keum bo ring.

Keum bo is the Korean art of depletion gilding, whereby nearly pure gold is fused to silver.  The texture on the ring is created by reticulation, a lengthy process whereby a layer of pure silver is created on the outside of the piece of sterling silver.

Pure silver has a lower melting point than sterling silver and therefore it is possible to melt just the surface of the silver with a torch, without melting the entire piece.  The texture is created by the molten silver spinning around, at the moment the heat is removed, the silver remains frozen in time.

This sterling silver and keum bo ring is a one of a kind piece.



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