Does anyone else wish life would just slow down a bit? February has been non stop, where has this month gone? Admin, emails, quotes, appointments, applications, making, mentoring, researching, Spring Fling prep, dentists, eye tests, catching up with friends & family, car related stuff, looking after furry folk, chopping logs, trying to fit time in during the day for the gym or a run.

I know I’m not alone in all this stuff, this running around, spinning plates, mad dash that we all seem to do at some point (or all the time). I’d managed a bit of work life balance last year (helped by closing our gallery) and had blocked a bit of time out of the week for me stuff. Nothing fancy, just the odd book, or a day out, but oh boy, it’s all gone to pot this month 🙂

Do you hanker for a slower life? Less email, less social media? More time in nature, less time in the office? I do.

Whilst I haven’t managed much this last month, I have made the most of the good weather and taken a cuppa into the garden for 10 minutes peace and quiet, these last few mornings. If you can manage it, I highly recommend it. What are your top ideas for a bit of breathing space? Comments below please.

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