Jewellery care

Jewellery is by its very nature, quite fragile, any metal and any stone can crack or scratch. Your jewellery will last longer and stay in better condition if you follow some simple guidelines:

  • Remove jewellery if you are gardening, doing DIY or other similar tasks,  before showering, bathing, dish washing etc.  The chemicals in cleaning products will be harmful to your jewellery.
  • Stone set rings should be checked every 12 months to ensure the stones remain secure. Claw settings are easily caught and stones can become loose in this way.  If you notice that a stone has become loose in its setting (and you bought it from me), please get in touch to arrange to send it in for some TLC.
  • The best way to clean your fine jewellery at home is to use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush.  Remember to put the plug in the sink (so you won’t lose any stones that have become loose). Then simply polish with a soft lint free cloth.  Soft stones such as turquoise, pearls and opal should never be submerged in water.
  • If you purchased your jewellery from me and it could do with a clean and polish, please get in touch.  I’m happy to give your jewellery a spruce up free of charge (limits apply).  If your jewellery is in need of more than a quick polish, I will give you a quote for the work required.
  • Oxidised silver jewellery:  Contact with bleaches and cleaning products,  perfumes etc should all be avoided.  Please do not use dips and silver polishes as these are designed to remove oxidation.
  • Please be aware that the oxidised (black) finish on your silver jewellery can wear over time on exposed surfaces.  Oxidised finishes can be reapplied if necessary, please ask for information. Oxidised jewellery can be buffed with a soft cloth to bring to a shine.
  • If you have white silver jewellery that does not contain gemstones, you can clean it using the following method:  Place a piece of tin foil, matt side up in a heat proof bowl, pop your piece of jewellery on top, sprinkle on bicarbonate of soda, cover with boiling hot water.  You’ll notice the tarnish on  your jewellery will be removed and the tin foil will become discoloured.  Remove your jewellery from the water (be careful not to burn yourself) and rinse in clean water.  Buff with a soft cloth. Where jewellery is particularly tarnished you might need to repeat this a couple of times.  Do not use this method on jewellery that has stones or other items embedded into it.  Do not use on oxidised silver.

Accidents happen – if something untoward has happened to jewellery you bought from me, please get in touch.  It’s useful to have a photograph or two and a description of what happened.  We can then have a conversation about the best way to bring your jewellery back to life.