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It all starts with your story

Personal pieces with a sense of meaning, kind creations that are beautiful and ethical.

My bespoke “Story” designs are completely unique, sketched in my home overlooking woodland then created by hand in my workshop.  Each piece is a work of imagination fused with intention, taking your tale and turning it into something to wear forever.

My collections are inspired by nature and the beauty of simplicity – the light within the crest of the wave, or the texture of lichen on stone – wholeheartedly embracing the elements.

At the heart of it I’m a storyteller, a translator – reimagining, weaving, until it is ready to be worn – your tale, my intuition.  Your talisman, my tools.  Together we bring it to life.  Just like metal, each piece reflects the person who wears it, and that’s what I love most about what I do – designing and gold-smithing, making and shaping the most distinctive designs.

Each with a personal story at the heart.


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