Nature Inspired Jewellery

The Lichen Jewellery Collection


The nature inspired Lichen jewellery collection is made from sustainable recycled or fairly traded, silver and gold, alongside ethically sourced gemstones.

These pieces of jewellery are inspired by lichen and the growth patterns they create.   Lichens are tough little organisms that not only survive, but thrive, in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

Did you know that lichens are actually two (or more) organisms?  Lichens can survive alone, but do better in company, much like people. The presence of lichen is also a good indicator of air quality.


My Lichen collection features acid etching and oxidation, ethical and sustainable recycled silver and gold, alongside precious, responsibly sourced, faceted gemstones.

Alternative Engagement Ring - Lichen Texture Sapphire Home Page Image | Lisa Rothwell-Young

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All of my jewellery is also vegan and vegetarian friendly – no animal products are used in the making of my jewellery or in my packaging.

Help & Advice

If you can’t find exactly what you want, I’d encourage you to get in touch for a chat about having a bespoke piece made, the possibilities are endless.

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