Ethical & Responsibly Sourced

I only work with ethical, responsibly sourced gemstones.  These come from a handful of suppliers, who either have their own mines or work exceptionally closely with artisan and small scale miners and their communities, around the world.   They meet the principles of fair trade, some of the organisations are charitable, such as the Moyo Gems project and the Sri Lankan stones.  The miners are fairly paid, there’s no child labour, equal opportunities for men and women and high levels of health and safety, both in the mines and the cutting shops.

That’s Maama, one of our Sri Lankan Miners below, Theresia from Tanzania top right and the hands of Asha, bottom right.

Theresia Tourmaline and Sapphire Miner Moyo Gems | Lisa Rothwell-Young
Asha Moyo Gems Green Tourmaline Miner | Lisa Rothwell-Young


A selection of the gemstones I hold in stock are listed below, click on any image to see more information such as size, clarity and origin.

You can book an appointment to view the stone in person and discuss a commission, or simply buy online.

Diamonds are sourced to order and you can choose from natural, traceable Canadian, laboratory created, recycled or antique.

A gemstone can make for a perfect proposal, you can come and design the ring together once your other half has said yes!

Gemstones range in price from tens to millions of pounds, depending on colour, clarity, size, treatments and rarity.

There are so many different variations in size, shape and colour that it’s impossible to have everything here, but I will happily source the perfect stone for you please get in touch

Help & Advice

If you’d like to know more about a particular stone or just need some more general advice to help you choose, get in touch.