Remodelling your jewellery

The broken chains, single earrings and rings that don’t fit anymore.

Or the sentimental pieces that you’ve inherited, that might not fit, or maybe just aren’t ‘you’ but are far too precious to part with.

You can reuse, recycle and remodel the old, unworn and sentimental pieces languishing in your jewellery box, without losing any of the memories.  

It’s a big decision and it needs to feel right.   We’ll work closely together every step of the way to make sure your remodelled piece is perfect.


Remodel Your Old Jewellery|Lisa Rothwell-Young

You can remodel your jewellery into one of my “Story Pieces” or use one of my collections as a starting point.

I’ll turn your old jewellery into something you’ll wear every day and treasure for a very long time.

You’ll be doing your bit for the planet too.  Reusing what you have already is the most sustainable way to have some new jewellery.

There’s lots of info on my FAQ’s, have a look through them, then get in touch to come and have a chat.

Was wonderful to see the transformation of my older pieces of jewellery that Lisa was able to do after our initial discussion…more than happy with the result and I even have spare gold left over to have something made in the future. Thankyou  


Lisa has re-modelled my wedding ring and eternity rings into a bespoke piece, its fabulous, I’m really delighted with my new ring. Covid held up the process but the end result was well worth the wait. Would definitely recommend her with anything you may want to do. Thank you Lisa 


I had an idea in my head, and a drive in my heart to turn earrings from my mum, into cufflinks for my sons wedding day. I lost mum 16 weeks ago, so wanted my son to have a piece of my mum with him throughout all of his wedding. The wedding will be a scottish wedding with kilts, so I wanted silver thistles, with the stone of mums earring to be the middle of the thistle. All of this was in my head, but after having discussions with Lisa, she drew and drafted my vision, then turned it into a reality.

I am now in receipt, of the most beautiful bespoke, hallmarked, silver thistle cufflinks, bearing mums stones in the middle of the thistle flower. They have also been engraved for me. I am overwhelmed with how stunning they are, attention to detail and finish. Can’t thank Lisa enough, for having the talent, ability, vision and creativity to translate what was in my head into such beautiful jewellery, which is now 1 of it’s kind. And these now have a place in our history and hearts, and will be handed down, with this story….I can’t recommend Lisa enough !

Anyone who commissions Lisa is going to be nothing short of astounded and delighted at her talent ability and the end result. I know I was . .She made my dream a reality. Feeling forever grateful….  Avril