Luxury Jewellery Inspired by the Wild

Do you love the city but feel the pull of wide open spaces?

Do you load up the car each weekend and head for the hills, or dream of leaving the city for life by the beach?

Are you like me?  Do you turn left when the crowds turn right.  Do you head for the peaceful deserted beaches and less travelled forest paths where nature abounds and wildlife thrives? 

Do you enjoy the peace and tranquility found in nature?

The sound of gently humming bees in a summer garden, of waves breaking of a sandy shore?  Me too.

This jewellery is for you.  Reminders of wild places to wear everyday.

You can buy online or make an appointment to visit my workshop in Langholm, South West Scotland.

If you need any help with your purchase please get in touch.


Ethical   –   Sustainable   –   Responsibly Sourced   –    Vegan

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