About me


I gave up art for science at school – “you can’t get a proper job” with art…

I worked in historic buildings conservation for many years, which suited me well, with my appreciation for making and craftsmanship.

I come from a family of ‘do-ers’, practical capable folk.
A grandad who was a bricklayer, a grandmother who was a bargee (with a horse and barge on the Bridgewater canal).
A mum who could bake, knit, speak French and organise with military precision.  And to this day, a dad who can make anything, fix anything and grow anything.  I used to watch Geoffrey Munn on the Antiques Roadshow and think how skilled it was, to be able to make something so small, so beautiful and perfect.  I wanted to work for myself and I wanted a challenge, so jewellery it was.

That was over 20 years ago.  Today I make beautiful, significant pieces of jewellery for people who want something unique.  Jewellery that reflects people’s stories, pieces that celebrate moments and milestones and capture memories.

I live in the wilds of Dumfries and Galloway, I love the big skies, the open spaces and the freedom.  The smell of the sea, or the scent of pine, birds wheeling overhead.  A once ruined cottage is now my home, painstakingly repaired, sensitively and sustainably brought into the 21st century without losing an ounce of its history. Our cottage provides shelter for a family both animal and human, keeping us protected from the elements and seasons I enjoy so much.  The earthy smell you get after it rains, endless blue skies on a sunny day or the valley and hills muffled and blanketed by snow.