About me


I gave up art for science at school – “you can’t get a proper job” with art

I ended up working in historic buildings conservation, which suited me well, with my appreciation for making and craftsmanship.

I come from a family of ‘do-ers’, practical capable folk.
A grandad who was a bricklayer, a grandmother who was a bargee (with a horse on the Manchester ship canal).
A mum who could bake, knit, speak French and organise with military precision.  And to this day, a dad who can make anything, fix anything and grow anything.  I used to watch Geoffrey Munn on the Antiques Roadshow and think how skilled it was, to be able to make something so small, so beautiful and perfect.  I wanted to work for myself and I wanted a challenge, so jewellery it was.

Whether it’s the seaside or countryside, I love the big skies and the freedom.  The smell of the sea, or the scent of pine, birds wheeling overhead.  A ruined cottage is now my home, painstakingly repaired, sensitively and sustainably brought into the 21st century without losing an ounce of its history. Our cottage provides shelter for a family both animal and human, keeping us protected from the elements and seasons I enjoy so much.  The earthy smell you get after it rains, endless blue skies on a sunny day or the valley and hills muffled and blanketed by snow.

My aim is to make better jewellery. Whether you choose a piece from my collections or commission something bespoke, you can feel safe in the knowledge that it will always be ethically and responsibly made. Each of my designs is carefully crafted and considered, to produce jewellery that’s meaningful as well as beautiful.