As lots of us these days buy less “stuff”, when we do buy, I think we’re more likely to spend time looking for exactly what we want. Do you agree? A lot of my customers are the same. They’ve got an idea in their mind for what they’d like, they’ve maybe looked on the High Street, been online, disappeared down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest and still haven’t found the thing that is just, quite, right.

That’s often when they’ll get in touch with me, to see if I can make something that’s entirely them. That fits with their ethos, that takes into account the sentimental stuff, offers them options, allows them to personalise their purchase and to get involved.

For some clients, it’s the opportunity to reuse sentimental pieces that appeals most (melting down the gold to make it into something else and reusing stones). For others it’s having a piece designed specifically for them, that’s exactly as they want it to be. Sometimes it’s because they know whatever I make will fit their ethos, that they can be safe in the knowledge it’s been ethically sourced. Sometimes it’s because they know they can be involved in the design and choices and want to be involved in that process. Or sometimes it’s simply because a friend has recommended me, they know I’ll do a good job, that I’ll be easy to talk to and will really listen to what they want.

This latest commission came to me because they needed to find a jeweller who could work with the gold that they’d found prospecting up at Wanlockhead. The design was a traditional Celtic one, of interlinking loveknots making up a 6mm wide 18ct gold engagement/wedding band. It was hand made in 4 parts (inner band, top and bottom rails and central pierced pattern) before being soldered together. A beauty, but an intricate and very time consuming beauty!

For a lot of folks, not surprisingly, commissioning someone to make a piece of jewellery (or any other artwork) is out of their comfort zone. They wonder if they visit someones studio will they feel obliged? What if it doesn’t turn out like they imagined? What if the person takes their money and is never seen again? I get that, I’d feel the same, which is why it’s important to have a chat, see if you connect, have a look at other work and just see if you think you can work together.

If you click here you can see what my customers say about their jewellery and what it was like working with me. There’s no obligation, you make an appointment, come to the studio for a chat and see where the magic happens. We’ll come up with a design together, perhaps I’ll get in a selection of stones for you to look at and then I give you a quote. Only once you’re happy do we go ahead and I make your special piece. Events like Spring Fling are also really good for this as you can see lots of pieces of jewellery and have a quick chat without feeling under any pressure. (Spring Fling brochures available soon – let me know if you want one)

If you’d like to find out more about having your own piece of bespoke jewellery created, please get in touch.