Being self employed most definitely has its perks. Choosing the hours you work, nipping out to take the dog for a walk on a sunny afternoon, not having a boss 😀 Though as I’m sure many other self employed sole traders would tell you, you have to be everything, designer, maker, accounts dept, tech support, administrator,secretary, buyer, marketing dept, social media… the list goes on….and on.

Take today, I’d been for a run, animals all fed and looked after, other half sweeping the chimney (as you do around here) and it had started to rain, icy rain. So, I thought to myself, time for a cup of coffee and I’ll maybe set up that blog that I said I’d get around to creating yonks ago. There was a reason why I probably never got around to doing it, not because I didn’t know what to write, or that I was worried I might run out of things to blog about, but because the setting up of said blog was never going to be simple. How to add it to my website without inadvertently messing up the rest of it by the ticking of some innocuous looking button. So I googled it… (whatever did any of us ever do before google?) and disappeared down the black hole that is “how to add a blog to my wordpress website”.

Much later and with some assistance from my (coughs) Volunteer Website Manager aka “the other half” and I have a shiny new blog page, complete with a menu tab and a subscribe button. You’ll need the subscribe button 🙂 so that you receive an email every time I add some ramblings to my page. But seriously, I hope you do subscribe and stick around, after all it’s taken about 4 hours of my life to set this up. I plan to blog about jewellery, environment, life in general and “what goes on behind the scenes”. Righty-o, that’s me away for a G & T (joking)…here’s that subscribe button I was telling you about….