Vegan Engagement Rings

“Every single piece of jewellery, every engagement ring I make,
will always be vegan .”

Aren’t all engagement rings vegan?  Surely it’s just metal and stones?

Whilst metal and stones don’t in themselves contain any animal products, many of the tools and consumables used to produce jewellery do come from animals.  Animal hair, leather and fleece polishing mops, polishing compounds containing animal fat, shellac used for holding jewellery in place during stone setting and rawhide mallets to name just a few.  Most jewellery packaging will also use animal glue.  Many inks aren’t plant based, and not all paper and cardboard is vegan due to the animal based products often used in paper manufacture.

I don’t use any of these products in my workshop.  My jewellery is, and will always be, Vegan.

If you’d like to chat through your ideas for a vegan wedding or engagement ring, please get in touch.

Finding vegan engagement rings isn’t easy.  Finding something beautiful, carefully crafted and vegan is even harder.

I know I prefer to support other vegan businesses, people who share my ethos and outlook, rather than spending my money with a non vegan company who’ve jumped on the bandwagon in the hope of making a quick profit.

I’ve been vegan for over 20 years now and vegetarian for about 10 years before that.

I’m also certified Vegan Founded.

As a fellow vegan, I get it.

So you can rest assured that your jewellery will always be vegan.

An engagement ring is a really important purchase and it needs to be right.  It also needs to be a lovely experience and not something you have doubts about.

When you’re vegan, it’s often so much easier to work with other vegans.  You don’t have to worry that they might not understand, you don’t need to keep checking and explaining. It’s simpler more comfortable, more relaxing and you can just enjoy the process.

It’s like the difference between eating at a vegan restaurant where everything is vegan and you can have anything, to eating at a restaurant that “caters for vegans”  but serves you soup and a roll alongside dairy butter.  And your heart sinks as you begin to wonder what’s in the soup, if they are giving you butter with your roll…

I make my jewellery in a way I would be happy with.  I’ve sourced vegan alternatives for tools and polishing, for stone setting and my entire workshop is vegan (right down to washing up liquid and electricity).

My packaging is vegan too – no need to worry about animal products in ink, paper or packaging.   I also go to great lengths to ensure my jewellery is ethical and sustainable too.  You can find out more here.

Each of my designs is carefully crafted and considered, to produce jewellery that’s meaningful as well as beautiful.

I design with intention and integrity, working sustainably and responsibly sourcing precious metals and gemstones from people and organisiations I know and trust.

Like you, I care about people and planet too.  My gemstones and diamonds are traceable and responsibly sourced. You can choose from Fairmined and Fairtrade or recycled precious metal.  No child labour, no exploitation and open, honest advice around which options best fit your ethos, whether that’s about carbon footprint, the impact of different types of mining or environmental worries.

You can choose a nature inspired design from the collections, go for a customised engagement ring, or ask me to make you a bespoke “Story Piece”.

 Matthew and Gemma

Matthew got in touch as he wanted to create a bespoke engagement ring, with a moss agate centre stone, for Gemma.

The ring needed to be vegan and sustainable, minimising negative impact on the environment and reflecting Gemma’s personal ethos.  We chatted about the things that were most important to Gemma, how they’d met, their interests and where they liked to spend their time, as well as discussing more practical questions such as preferences for metal (100% recycled white gold), gemstones (artisanal and traceable white sapphires over diamonds) and style.

I then drew a number of sketches for Matthew, which we refined, before I arranged for a moss agate from Balmerino in Scotland to be custom cut (echoing the shape of their kitten, Bru’s, nose).  Once everything was ready for making to start, Matthew visited the workshop to see the metal being melted down and even tried his hand at rolling it down into sheet form.

During the making process I sent him regular updates and photographs.  Once finished the ring was hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office before being presented in a hand made wooden box, along with a booklet documenting the whole process and a certificate of authenticity.

“I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect engagement ring. Somehow Lisa and Matthew managed to not only imagine, design and create a ring that I felt proud to wear from an ethical and environmental standpoint, but one that felt so perfect for me. So many thoughtful touches and details are entwined in this little treasure. The fact that it looks like it has been forged in a forest is just perfect. And almost as wonderful as the ring is the book alongside it; beautifully capturing the details and story of its creation.

I love it all more every day. Thank you! ”


“I knew it had to be Lisa making the ring. I immediately felt at ease talking to her and her attitudes and ethos aligned so closely to Gemma’s own, it was as close to having Gemma design the ring herself! Lisa kept me involved in every step of the process. She sent sketches and photos throughout and I even got the opportunity to go to her workshop to see the metal being melted down and to help make part of it. I’ve loved working with Lisa and really found it to be an amazing experience! So much more personal than a high street jeweller. She thought of every detail and the book we received at the end containing all her notes, sketches and picture is absolutely lovely and something we will keep forever.
Lisa managed to take my jumble of ideas and create the most beautiful ring that is so personal to me and my fiancé! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone and I can’t thank her enough.”


Vegan Engagement Rings| Lisa Rothwell-Young

 What does it cost?


My engagement rings start from around £2000, you can shop the collections here.

Customised engagement rings start from £2500.

You might choose a different stone type, shape or colour of precious metal.

Or you could use a ring from the collections as a basis for a more unique design.

A completely unique, bespoke “story” ring, starts from £3500.

Looking for a bit of advice?

Jewellery terminology can be a bit confusing at first.  If you need a bit of a heads up about the 4C’s, coloured gemstones, stone shapes, ring sizing and more, this post will help

Need some gemstone inspiration?

There are lots of different gemstones in my online shop, but if you can’t find something you like, just get in touch and I’ll source the perfect stone especially for you.


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