That’s the question I was asked at the Spring-Fling pop up exhibition. It’s a good question too. I think it’s about a few things

Being open and honest about your materials, your sourcing and your practice.

Knowing where your materials come from and who mined them – “traceability”.

Choosing materials that help support artisan miners e.g. gold or gemstones.

Completing due diligence on your suppliers – asking the difficult questions.

Choosing materials that have a lower environmental impact.

Choosing not to use materials (precious metals and gemstones) that come from countries where their sale is suspected of funding wars and civil unrest.

Using recycled materials – whether that’s metal, gemstones, or in your packaging.

Not using animal products in your jewellery.

Being willing to change how you do things.

Is this what you thought I’d say? Is there something I’ve missed? Comments welcome as always.