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We always start with your story.  I get to know you through an appointment where I find out what you want to create.  This is where I understand the bigger picture behind the piece.


Next up comes the creative part.  Here I transform your story into a concept, capturing the emotion of your piece, combining colour and texture.  I often include photographs of places, people and things, pencil sketches and poetry or lyrics, all pulled together to show how I’ve interpreted your tale.


When sourcing stones I consider different shapes and sizes, cut and clarity – looking for depth of colour and those flashes of fire that give the stone sparkle with a sense of personality.  Once I’ve created a shortlist of stones I present them so you can choose the piece that calls to you.


I provide a pricing estimate and we discuss timescales and tiny details.
Then I get to work on your piece and you’ll be invited to visit and see work in progress.

Finally comes the big reveal – your personal piece delivered to you in a beautiful handmade wooden box.


I would love to hear your story


My story pieces are contemporary designs that take your story as inspiration.

These are creative, collaborative pieces, that are designed exclusively for you and where you are central to the design process.

Get in touch and ask for my “Story Pieces” brochure.


Alex’s family had clubbed together to buy her a piece of jewellery for her 21st birthday.  Alex was still travelling at the time and having chatted, we decided that it would be lovely to have a piece to remind her about her “around the world” adventures.  Alex had mentioned to me about her time volunteering with turtles in Hawaii and the result was this piece.  Handmade in recycled sterling silver, the detail was drawn on by hand and acid etched.  It was set with an ethically sourced green agate from Brazil.

Andy came to see me as he was looking for a special gift for his wife.  The design is based on the home they lived in for many years and all the memories that it held.  The tree is the one they could see from their window along with the wildlife that visited their garden.  This necklace was created in sterling silver, each bird and animal is acid etched onto the silver in relief, before being oxidised to give contrast.  The reverse is stamped with locations close to where they live.

Liz came to see me with her Mum’s engagement ring.  We sat and talked about her memories of her Mum and finally settled on a design that reminded Liz of her Mum’s favourite flower, the peony.  The ring was created in platinum and each of the flowers is set with one of the stones from the original engagement ring.

Francis and Elise wanted to create an engagement ring that held memories of Francis proposal with a ring made from rush.  Elise also wanted to honour the memory of her Grandmother by using details of her Grandmothers ring.  We worked together to design a ring that has elements of both, that is delicate, clean, modern and sustainable.


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