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This collection was inspired by the patterns created when water flows around shells and pebbles on the beach.

One of my favourite beaches is on Lindisfarne (otherwise known as Holy Island), in Northumberland.  It’s a beautiful place to enjoy some peace and quiet on it’s windswept coast.  It’s a real treat, to roll down the car windows whilst you drive along the causeway from the mainland, listening to the cry of the gulls and breathing in the sea air.  One of my favourite things is to stand on the island as the tide comes in, watching it lapping at the tarmac road, slowly but surely cutting you off from the real world for a few hours.

As always, the metals used in this collection are Fairmined or recycled. Fairmined supports artisan and small scale miners in countries such as Columbia, whilst recycled metals mean no new mining. Gemstones and diamonds will be responsibly sourced, ethical and traceable.

Artisan mining is small scale and has a lesser environmental impact, furthermore artisan miners are often making a living in the only way they can.  Many miners are also women.

Alternatively you’re very welcome to ask me to recycle your old jewellery into a new piece from this collection.  You can find out more about remodelling here.

My jewellery is vegetarian and vegan, including my packaging.  No animal product are ever used in my jewellery

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