Ethical recycled silver lichen pendant set with responsibly sourced and traceable gemstone


This beautiful 100% recycled, ethical sterling silver pendant is created by the technique of etching and is inspired by the growth pattern of lichen. Each piece is oxidised and set with a 3mm responsibly sourced, fully traceable gemstone in a rubover setting.

The pendant comes on a 1.2mm thick sterling silver omega chain and is approx 30mm in diameter. These pendants are very popular, they’re a nice size without being too large.

Each gemstone is responsibly sourced and meets the principles of Fair Trade. Every stone mined will be different, so if you’d like to know more about your gemstone, or choose from a selection, please let me know.

I prefer to source my gemstones from Sri Lanka or Tanzania. The miners work in safe conditions, with fair pay, no children work in the mines and these gemstones do not fund wars or civil unrest, plus the nature of mining in these countries does less environmental damage.

I’ve chosen to work with these gemstones and mines, because they do the most good for the artisans who mine them.  Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Sometimes gemstones in specific sizes are unavailable, at which point I’ll source from other Fair Trade mines outwith Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

This ethical and eco friendly collection is also vegan and vegetarian friendly – no animal products are used in the making of my jewellery.

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Ethical Recycled Silver Pendant set with blue sapphire or spinel.

These pieces of jewellery are inspired by lichen and the growth patterns they create.   Lichens are tough little organisms that not only survive, but thrive, in some of the most inhospitable places on the planet.

Did you know that lichens are actually 2 (or more) organisms?  Lichens can survive alone, but do better in company, much like people. The presence of lichen is also a good indicator of air quality.

My Lichen collection features acid etching and oxidation, ethical eco friendly recycled silver and gold, alongside precious faceted gemstones.

This ethical recycled silver pendant is also vegan and vegetarian friendly – no animal products are used in the making of my jewellery.

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Spinel, Blue Sapphire


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